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OUTLANDISH: DIY 2.0 - a photographic issue

DIY 2.0 - a photographic issue
from 16.10.14 until 24.11.14

Max Pinckers - Debby Huysmans - The Cool Couple - Erik van der Weyde - Iphygenia Dubois - Pauline Miko - Daniel Piaggio Strandlund

Koningstraat 8

interview at BredaPhoto

Flemish evening on BredaPhoto

Who doesn't love Belgium?! This friday in cooperation with Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond we organize a Flemish night in Stadsgalerij Breda. Exhibiting photographers Debby Huysmans, An-Sofie Kesteleyn, Bert Danckaert, Jan Rosseel and Karin Borghouts will talk about their work. The evening will be moderated by Inge Henneman (KASK Antwerp).

So no fries, no waffles, no chocolate, no beer... High quality Belgian photography it is!

October 3th 20 PM
Stadsgalerij 34



LATE SPRING is available at The NY ART BOOK FAIR at the APE bookshop table.

September 20 BOOK LAUNCH at BredaPhoto & UNSEEN

at 1:30 PM, book launch LATE SPRING at Bredaphoto. See you at the Stadsgalerij (bookshop), Breda.

Afterwards at 6 PM I will be present at the APE (Art Paper Editions) bookshop table at UNSEEN - Photography Fair Amsterdam in Amsterdam.

APE (Art Paper Editions)

Book signing sat 20.09 / 18:00
Unseen Book Market, booth 49

Book signing sun 21.09 / 15:00
Unseen Book Market, booth 49
Tiff booth on sunday (Unseen fair)

Unseen Fair, Galerie Ron Mandos booth

Unseen Fair, Weekender booth (outside)


LATE SPRING is available and will be presented at BredaPhoto.

Still lifes, scenes and landscapes of a kind of primeval place in Finland. During several stays at the Art Residency Mustarinda between 2010 and 2013, Debby Huysmans found herself surrounded by and brought into contact with the old-growth forests. Late Spring shows how the Belgian photographer uses the stories of different people to explore this magical place, this northern nature and its meanings. Each person with his own strategy, his own dream, philosophy or opinion, but all of them involved and engaged with these mystical surroundings. Walking, beholding, observing, telling and collecting, are just some of the methods used to clarify the mystery of this ancient woodland and the fables related to them. The result is a complex, yet poetical narrative about an ambiguous environment where nature, research and the spirits meet.

22 x 30 cm
72 pages
hard cover
edition: 500
publisher: APE

to order:


Welcome to BredaPhoto where I will show my new work Late Spring.

11 sep - 26 okt 2014

exclusive limited edition - LATE SPRING

I'm proud to introduce the special edition of my new book Late Spring.

Which is a wooden box/frame [ 20x30cm ], ready to exhibit on your wall, including a mounted image, a colour card game and of course a signed copy of the book .

You can choose between 5 images.

edition of 10
250 €

please contact me for more information



APE and I are very happy to share some exciting news with you. A pre-order for my new book Late Spring has started.

The first 100 pre-orders receive a signed and numbered print.

You can support this book project by pre-ordering a signed copy of the book (pre-order price 30€) or an exclusive (limited edition of 10) special edition (250€)
which is a wooden box/frame, ready to exhibit on your wall, including a mounted image, a colour card game and of course a signed copy of the book .

To order please contact me or



I’m very happy to announce my participation at Breda Photo where I will show my new work Late Spring.

This autumn, BredaPhoto will again bring the best of contemporary photography to Breda. Several photographers have already confirmed their participation in the festival. Among them are Tom Hunter and Todd Hido. The Dutch National Photographer of the year Koen Hauser will show his newest project. In addition, photographers Ola Lanko, Jan Rosseel, Bert Danckaert, Martijn van de Griendt and Eelco Brandt worked on projects exclusively for BredaPhoto.

BredaPhoto is a biannual international photo festival. This year's edition takes place between September 11 and October 26. The theme of this year's festival is Songs from the Heart. The participating photographers will show that many age-old, romantic ideals are still with us.

The program now looks as follows, but more names are to be revealed soon. Todd Hido, Hans Wilschut, Andre Bush, Gregory Halpern, Jan Rosseel, Ola Lanko, Bert Danckaert , Martijn van de Griendt, Koen Hauser, Karin Borghouts, Simon Roberts, Eelco Brand, An-Sofie Kesteleyn, Debby Huysmans, Wayne Lawrence, Wiesje Peels, Alexander Gronsky, Andrej Glusgold, Mariska van Zutven, Kris Vervaeke, Jakub Karwowski, Jos Jansen, Bryan Schutmaat, Joshua Lutz, Sven Fritz, Stephanie Roland, Tom Hunter.

Feel free to follow me on tumblr.

Lepus Timidus.

The book SIBIR will be present at the Arles 2013 Photobooks. On the Tipi bookshop table.

The new exciting place in Arles 2013 to discover
new & rare Photobooks from Independent publishers and
Self-published authors, with meet and greet and signatures.

I will be present at the Tipi bookshop table at July 4


Landscape Stories issue 12

A selection of the work Sibir is published in the new Landscape Stories issue. The River.


vernissage 18 april 19h

Avenue Van Volxemlaan 264
1190 Brussel (next to Wiels)
18 - 21 april 2013

Little big press

'Elk Island Construction Workers' published in FoMu Magazine EXTRA

Open Studio's 2012

NICC and Studio Start are organizing the first edition of OPEN STUDIOS, a route guiding you past the studios of over 60 artists who live and work in Antwerp.
14h - 19h


I'm working on new work as an artist in residence @ MUSTARINDA

Paljakantie 61
FI-89400 Hyrynsalmi

The Moscow News about 'Free Spaces'

One of the most noteworthy special projects is “Free Spaces” to be held at
Art Ru. Curated by Belgium’s Maaike Leyn, it features works by Annouk Thys,
Maaike Leyn and Debby Huysmans and Russia’s Dmitry Kavarga and Vika
The project’s concept is based on the idea that the availability of huge
free spaces in Russia contributes to a feeling of freedom, as opposed to
Western Europe, where spaces are strictly controlled and regulated.

7 december - Punctumlezing: Driewerf (Bieke Depoorter, Debby Huysmans, Thomas Janssens)

Kopergieterij - Gent

The 4th Moscow Biennale

24th september - 22nd october 2011

opening 23th september

'Free Spaces'
Special Project of The 4th Moscow Biennale

Vika Begalska (RU)
Debby Huysmans (BE)
Maaike Leyn (BE)
Annouk Thys (BE)
Dmitri Kawarga (RU)

Кстати, о птичках

Welcome to the exhibition 'Кстати, о птичках' in the legendary Tsjeburetsnaja Druzhba in Moscow.
19.07 - 28.07.2011

opening July 18th at 18h

Suspicious Landscapes

16.07.11 > 14.09.11

Vernissage vrijdag 15 juli – 19:00 | intro Christophe De Jaeger
20:00 | intro Johan de Boose

Carl De Keyzer, Paul D'Haese, Nele Van Canneyt, Jef Beirinckx, Franky Verdickt, Debby Huysmans, Bert Danckaert, Nick Hannes, Stefan Vanthuyne, Luc Rabaey, Bruno Stevens, Johan Clarysse, Mark Cloet, Dan Declerck, Francien Krieg, Johan Lingier, Goedele Peeters, Boudewijn Perneel, Chris Vanderschaeghe, Bruno Van Dycke, Jo Vanrijckeghem & Collectief Goed Gezien.


Trip to Moscow to prepare an exhibition for the 4th Moscow Biennale.

Fotobookfestival Kassel

Sibir is part of Kijk:papers during the Fotobookfestival in Kassel.

Finisterre. State of the art van de jonge fotografie in België

vernissage: dinsdag 8 februari · 19:00
Fotomuseum Antwerpen

Opening van tentoonstelling met verwelkoming door Inge Henneman en Hugo Bousset. Gedichten door Peter Verhelst. Voorstelling publicaties DW B en Extra magazine: Hungry Eyes.

Inge Henneman van het FoMu selecteerde de afgelopen jaren voor het literaire tijdschrift DW B fotografisch talent, dat in een aantal fotokaternen werd gepubliceerd. Deze unieke samenwerking resulteerde in een tentoonstelling in de galerie van het FoMu én een speciaal fotonummer van DW B met werk van Maarten vanden Abeele, Vincen Beeckman, Ben Van den Berghe, Vincent Delbrouck, Lara Dhondt, Lot Doms, Nick Hannes, Pieter Huybrechts, Debby Huysmans, Charlotte Lybeer, Ives Maes, Michèle Matyn, Els vanden Meersch, Fien Muller, Arno Roncada, Dominique Somers, Kathleen Vinck en Wim Wauman.

DW B State of the art van de jonge fotografie in België

In 2006, 2008, 2009 en 2010 selcteerde Inge Henneman als curator in residence van DW B het werk van achttien aanstormende fotografen voor de rubriek 'Jonge fotografie in België'. Ben Van den Berghe, Vincent Delbrouck, Lara Dhondt, Lot Doms, Pieter Huybrechts, Charlotte Lybeer, Michèle Matyn, Els vanden Meersch, Fien Muller, Arno Roncada, Dominique Somers en Katleen Vinck maakten voor Finisterre nieuw werk dat wordt aangevuld met beelden van Maarten vanden Abeele, Vincen Beeckman, Nick Hannes, Debby Huysmans, Ives Maes en Wim Wauman. In de fotografische galerie van deze aflevering gaat Inge Henneman u voor. Haar verwelkoming van de digitale fotografie gaat gepaard met een afscheid van de analoge fotografie door de Hongaarse schrijver Péter Nádas.


opening: September 25th 15h
introduction: Emmanuel d'Autreppe

cultuurcentrum Hasselt Kunstlaan 5 3500 Hasselt


17 september - 17 oktober

Opening 16 september 20u

Self Publish Be Happy

The photo book "Sibir" will participate the Self Publish Be Happy events.

Next events:

London, White Chapel
Saturday 25 September, 4pm
Self Publish, Be Happy at The London Art Book Fair

6-10 October 2010

18-21 November 2010


Sibir will be exhibit at the Award Show of Fotosommer Stuttgart
July 31st – September 5th 2010
Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart , Schlossplatz 2, 70173 Stuttgart

Ground Station, Finland

Sibir will be shown at the group exhibition 'Ground Station' at
Mustarinda Residency at Paljakka Hill, Hyrynsalmi, Finland 18.6 -18.7. 2010

Winner PDN Photo Annual

I am very proud to announce that my book ‘Sibir’ has won the PDN Photo Annual 2010 in New York in the category ‘photo book’ among other photographers such as Martin Parr and Jessica Backhaus.

Photography District News (PDN) is an award-winning monthly, American magazine which has been covering the professional photographic industry for over two decades.

You can view the winners gallery here:

You will be able to purchase the book on this page soon. So watch out for that.


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